Welcome to the GoMo Music API Guide! If you're here, you must be considering using GoMo Musics audio in your app or website, and that's great. We want to make it very easy and secure, for you to integrate our data and audio. This guide is intended to aid developers in connecting to our API services.

The GoMo Music API is a  RESTful service which provides methods for accessing specific resources at canonical URL. All representations are encoded as  JSON objects. Our APIs are accessed via a JWT Oauth 2 (details here)

Getting Started

To get started, your company will need an API username and password. Please contact to get one to start testing our APIs.

If you want to play around with our APIs first, click here to view our online API tester (Swagger page) )

Service Endpoint

The GoMo Music API’s base endpoint is


You can access three resource types using the API:

  • Categories: List of audio categories offered by GoMo Music. For example: Music, Nature Sounds, Tonal, or Spoken
  • Stations: List of audio stations available for a given Category. Think of these as Internet radio stations, that you display to your users. For example, Feel Good or Meditative
  • Songs: List of Songs, sounds or spoken content, for a given Station. The Song results provide the audio content name and a cloud MP3 URL, to play the audio.
  • Favorites: List of Favorited audio, for a given user. Set a song to be a Favorite.


All requests to the APIs must be authenticated using the methods outlined in the request signing and authentication guidelines. Requests which fail authentication generally pass a 401 HTTP code and an error describing the reason for rejection.