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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of patients and conditions does GoMo Music support?

GoMo Music digital therapeutic programs currently engage with more than 10 million patients in a wide array of medical treatment practices, including:

  • Behavioral Health (anxiety, stress, depression, and mental illness)
  • Cancer
  • Cardiac
  • Diabetes
  • Maternal Child Health (pre-natal/post-partum)
  • Neurology (migraines, ID/DD, autism, and stroke)
  • Pain Management
  • Substance Use Disorder/Addiction (opioids, alcohol, and smoking)
  • Wellness

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How quickly can we get started?

The onboarding process, from commitment to music curation and licensing sounds, is quick, easy, and efficient. For licensing directly from our library, GoMo Music producers and developers have created a bot that will assess your needs to curate personalized playlists in less than 30 minutes. That playlist is delivered to you to enjoy as is, or it can be modified as needed right from your computer with the click of a button.

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What types of music and meditations does GoMo Music produce?

  • Sounds of Healing—designed to help you focus, love, energize, breathe, rest, relax, meditate, remember, heal, sleep, and feel good
  • Binaural beats and white noise
  • Nature sounds—ocean, forest, night, and rain to relax and unwind
  • Spoken motivational and healing tracks that help you sleep, breath, relieve anxiety, and much more
  • Guided and independent meditations

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How does sound heal?

432 Hz, a frequency of pitch, has an evidence-based healing effect on human beings. The music we normally listen to is at a tuning pitch of 440 Hz, but when adjusted to a 432 Hz tuning, music creates a cognitive and emotional shift in our bodies and our thoughts. Sound at 432 cycles per second is a pure sound; it speaks directly to our cells and puts the brain in tune with the earth’s frequency. Listening to music at this pitch can reduce anxiety, improve intuition, boost creativity, and heal emotionally.

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What are examples of music healing?

Across the country, and for many years, studies have been performed to test the effectiveness of music as a healing tool. We have collected a number of in-depth studies and examples of how music helps enable healing.

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What is the actual process for creating a custom composition with GoMo Music?

Our consultants will first assess your campaign objectives, audience, and specifications, then formulate a playlist strategy based on available libraries and your custom music needs. You’ll receive sound samples for review and approval, then finalize your playlist and incorporate any necessary graphic elements.

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What is Personal Concierge and how does it work?

Personal Concierge™ is a virtual care coordinator that offers personalized guidance, interactively guiding patients, members and caregivers through their healthcare journey. Personal Concierge communicates for chronic condition management and pre- and post-discharge to ensure early detection and intelligent escalation of issues. By delivering condition-specific and wellness education to patient populations, clinical care teams can scale their services while motivating patients to more effectively self-manage their conditions increasing activation for self-care. This is done through a variety of interactive communications points with the patient and caregiver including:

  • Care Messages™ – SMS messages that deliver a single thought at a time, often containing URLs to deeper, web-based, multimedia content
  • Care Companion™ – the destination or “house” , for the web-based content introduced in Care Messages
  • GoMo Chat™ – an interactive, HIPAA compliant, patient-initiated, real-time chat experience, with conversations managed via ‘bot” and escalated to live care coordinators when need is detected
  • Remote Patient Monitoring – A “Clinic at Home” model for care delivery through which medical devices connect to the GoMo Health hub via Bluetooth, recording and storing data in the cloud for tracking and reporting.

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What is BehavioralRx?

BehavioralRx® is GoMo Health’s proprietary behavioral and cognitive science of precision engagement that has proven to increase human resilience, resulting in better patient health outcomes, increased clinical joy in practice, and reduced physician and nurse fatigue. We combine these evidence-based motivational and activation techniques to engage people in their daily life, at home, at work, and at play. GoMo Music plays an instrumental role when engaging people, patients, and clinicians to actualize a higher level of wellness and quality of life.

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