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Consumer Products

Pair your products with GoMo Music for greater consumer appeal.

Code your products with one of our curated playlists designed to promote feelings of focus, energy, relaxation, love, balance, and much more. Connect on a deeper level with your consumers and increase brand loyalty by adding GoMo Music to your product.

Connecting to Your Daily Rhythm

Connecting to Your Daily Rhythm

Pairing music and sound with daily activities enhances and deepens the overall experience.

Consider the ‘must do’ daily activities that become mundane to us all—then add music to amp them up! Products can be coded with music and meditations that are easily accessed via QR code scan or keyword entry. Imagine the possibilities...

Connecting to Your Daily Rhythm
  • Relax during a home facial or while waiting for nails to dry with soft background music.
  • Daily tooth brushing becomes an enjoyable activity with upbeat tunes to keep you company—right through your toothbrush!
  • Exercise apparel can be coded with tunes to energize and motivate during workouts.
  • Prepping for work or a night out? Hair styling and cosmetic application can be even more fun when listening to lively music.
  • Laundry/dish detergent, bleach, and cleaning products used for daily tasks can be coded for in-the-moment access to music to help liven even the most mundane daily tasks.

Incorporating Music Into Life Activities

Anchoring Technology cognitively connects desired actions with existing everyday activities. By incorporating GoMo Music into daily schedules and ‘anchoring’ it to existing activities, we connect new desired actions to current positive routines motivating people through the cognitive recognition of sound applied during the experience.

Environment of Need technology, integrating GoMo Music into existing activities enables participants to seamlessly engage with their devices with virtually no recognized interruption to current daily routines.

Contact us to learn how to build sound into your everyday activities!