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The benefit of music in the workplace

Music is a common feature in many workplaces—from physician offices to auto-body shops. It is typically used to influence the mood of patients or customers. Studies have shown that background music, even when we don’t notice it, can affect employee and customer behaviors. Listening to positive, upbeat, relaxing, or calming sounds can influence mindsets, whether to motivate action, reduce stress, or increase focus, the incorporation of music into the workplace can have many positive effects.

Mental Breaks with Meditation

Mental Breaks with Meditation

Studies show that taking ‘brain breaks’ throughout the day increases productivity and performance. Imagine the benefits of employees taking a few minutes to put on headphones, close their (virtual) doors, and increase focus via (guided) meditation. The benefits of this employer-encouraged ‘brain health’ time translate into healthier, happier employees who can focus, compartmentalize, and tackle their responsibilities.

Mental Breaks with Meditation

Choosing the Station

GoMo Music includes a vast selection of scientifically curated music, sounds, tones, and vibrations in our comprehensive library. Our specifically crafted frequencies and harmonies are proven to possess natural resonance and restorative powers that enhance cooperative behavior and teamwork among employees.

Get into Your Perfect Rhythm

Select from complete libraries of pre-created tracks designed to promote feelings of Focus, Energy, Relaxation, Balance, and much more. Other options include creating á-la-carte playlists that are individually selected from our extensive library of science-based sounds and frequencies.

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